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Hot Share clone script

With HotSHARE, you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place and as long as they remain active they can be downloaded unlimited time!

Download Hot Share clone script

Paid4upload Sharecash clone script

File hosting PPD script

A clean, professional, unique ShareCash Clone script which you can use to start your own site and outrun all other major networks.

Have you ever thought to yourself “how can I run my own ShareCash Clone?”
Well you have here is the perfect solution just for you, you can get our script and be running your very own ShareCashClone within 10 minutes using our script. Isn’t it crazy? You can run this script software under the most three successful
CPA Networks, CPALead,AdscendMedia or AdworkMedia available in your own admin panel settings.

Premium PPD Script

Our PPD script is a Premium Pay Per Download script that That has enhanced feature of a normal file hosting scripts this lets your earn up to 18x more than you would running a normal file hosting company. Quick and simple to use PPD Script that makes running your own online sharecash clone website easy.
Paid4Upload s is suitable for all technical abilities, from computer novice to computer programmer. All management is done online via the custom built admin panel area allowing you to login 24/7 from anywhere in the world to customize, manage and maintain your online sharecash clone.
No Junk! 100% Code
Every purchase includes 100% source code so you can customize and modify your website anyway you like. All updates are provided free and we even include the PSD graphic files too.
Paid4upload makes website and member management easy! Once installed you will be able to acess a powerfull admin area giving you full control of your website design and setup.

Three CPA Networks to choose from

 Isn’t it crazy? You can run this script software under the most three successful
CPA Networks, CPALead,AdscendMedia or AdworkMedia available in your own admin panel settings.

CPAlead Asendmedia   AWM



 PPD demo USER LOGIN USER: demo PASS: demo


PPD demo ADMIN LOGIN USER: demo121 PASS: bodmon1

 Uploading and Editing  feature has been disabled

Download Paid4upload Sharecash clone script 

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Senin, 04 Februari 2013

CityVille Cheats Hack 2012

CityVille is actually the casual social city-constructing simulation online game. The newest edition of CityVille Hack, that includes completely all of our CityVille Cheats, simply became one of the most favorite hack from all our facebook hacks, which usually we’ve got released here on our web page! CityVille Hack continues to be already downloaded hundreds of times and also downloads amount is increasing daily. We have received countless numbers of positive feedback, this helps us very much, many thanks for everyone. At the moment, the cityville cheats covers over 20 different features and all of them helps you to save you a lot of your own spare time. We simply cannot name all of the features of the cheats,however the primary ones are these: coins generator and exp increaser.
So, when you choose playing online games in just a little bit unfairly way from time to time, than you actually have to try out our cityville cheats hack, otherwise you can return back and watch how other gamers do well, whilst you aren’t. In addition, facebook makes modifications for their algorithm frequently, so to keep this specific cityville hack functioning, we updating it very often too. Also our hack has ANTI-BAN function integrated, so you really no need to worry about your safety. To achieve success using this hack, all you need to think about is if you’re using the newest edition. Every time new version is available, you’ll see it on the primary screen of cityville hack!

Download CityVille Cheats 2012

Tetris Battle Hack 2012

Tetris Battle game in Facebook is actually a great adventure-style tetris where the more competitors you actually defeat the higher your level will become and also a lot more notoriety you will get on the Tetris Battle universe. We’ve recently made Tetris Battle Cheats hack several days ago.
What exactly that specific Tetris Battle cheats does is actually improve your rank and stars directly into whatever number you need. What is great is, all of these are savable. That brand new Tetris Battle cheats functions – unlimited armor and unlimited energy, additionally Completely Tuned. This Tetris Battle hack is the latest available. Tetris Battle hack has Anti – Ban feature integrated so you no need to worry about beeing banned. All feature updates will be available on this page

Download Tetris Battle Hack 2012 

Lottery Cash Software

Perhaps you are looking for something that will all the more convince you about the truth on the Lottery Cash Software which is why you are here looking for a Lottery Cash Software Review. Well, you are just on the right page for that. We will try to see how this thing works for you. This software is known to be a accurate software that will lead you to winning the lottery more than what you expect. If you have been playing the lottery over the years and you have not won more than what you have spent then this is surely the right software for you.

This a Lottery Cash Software Review aims to help customers see how this software can really change your life. This also introduces the fact that you cannot win every time you play but for sure you will increase your odds tremendously. You can be sure that once you start using this software you will not have to do anything more to earn money because it says it all.

Listed below are some of the advantages of the Lottery Cash Software. These may just help you get convinced of this software.

·         Easy to use

·         2 clicks of a button to get the hot numbers

·         Full charts that shows you the complete picture of the games you play

·         National and international coverage for almost all the games in the world

·         Accurate results in just 2 minutes of using the software

·         Cool interface that even 12 year old kids can figure out what numbers to play

The Lottery Cash Software is said to work like magic and the author himself, Brad Miller was making more money than he could spend. He encourages everyone to use this because you will surely have more money for your family. You can afford to buy nice things for your kids. You can afford a bigger house and a nice car. You can also travel the world.

With the Lottery Cash Software you do not have to go through any complicated processes. And these are as listed below.

·         You just have to create an account

·         Login to your account and select your favorite lottery game

·         Select the analysis you want for your game: hot, cold and then you just have to click generate my numbers.

·         The robot will do all the work for you behind the scenes and will generate you the numbers that are likely to be extracted on the next drawing.

·         You take the numbers and put them on your ticket

·         You wait for the lottery drawing and if you win you repeat the process

This Lottery Cash Software Review is just able to present you a part of the whole Lottery Cash Software. And one of the best things about this is that you do not have to worry because this has an iron clad money guarantee. So if you think that this will work for you then go ahead and use it now since it won’t be available for long

Download Lottery Cash Software

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Autohits super surf script

Autohits surf script

Would you like to receive unlimited FREE traffics to your site without clicking your mouse? When using our system, your site is being shown to thousands of users from around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and all this is done 100% automatically.
All you have to do is sign up for FREE and set your browser's Start Page to your custom url then let the system do the work. For each 4 sites shown in your browser, you will receive 3 hits in return. We have 20 second timer, so you will receive 180 FREE Hits per hour to your site. That's 4320 FREE Hits per day. And we're not stopping here. You also receive credits for your referrals too! A whopping 25% of what your referrals earn.

Now you can run such type of servise yourself and earn money.

- IE/NN compatible;
- 5 level referral program;
- temlate based design layout;
- 100% web-based admins panel;
- PayPal linked 'buy credits' function;
- dynamic counted ratio;
- newsletters service included;
- targeting;
- weekly stats;
1. unzip files to your local folder
2.1 open file '' in 'admin' directory and set variables
2.2 open file '' in main directory and set variables
3. copy all files to your host
4. set up database from file 'autohits.sql' using phpMyAdmin or from command line
5. change rights to 0777 for next files:
- ''
- ''
- 'admin/'
- 'admin/'
6. login to admins area ('http://yourhost/admin/') using next information:
- username: admin
- password: test
7. finish installation with setting prices and other info in admins area;