Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

WordPress Manual Plugin

A Comprehensive Video And Online Manual Wordpress Plugin That Developers Can Give To Their Clients. It Has Over 30 High Quality Video Tutorials. An Online Manual With Over 100 Pages. It Automatically Updates With Each New Version Of Wordpress.

Fully Rebrandable

We have made the plugin easily rebrandable so you can add your own logos and text, giving your clients a professional manual for their new website

Fully Customizable

We know they will be times when you want to hide certain videos, or even add your own videos to section. You have total control to do this. We have now introduced a master profile, which means you can customise your sites in seconds.

Don't worry about WordPress updates!

As WordPress updates (quite frequently these days), we automatically produce new videos and a new version of the written manual. You don't have to do anything.
We cover version 2.8 through to 3.4 and update the manual after each stable release.
Foreign Languages

Now available in foreign languages and accents

Our video tutorials and written manuals our now available in foreign languages and even accents!
View samples in each accent:
Over 30 videos

Over 35 video tutorials - View sample videos

Our high-quality video tutorials are professionally voiced, and cover every aspect of WordPress's functionality in a non-technical language that your clients will understand.
Online Manual

In-depth written manual

Our well-written and comprehensive manual covers every aspect of WordPress's functionality in a non-technical and easy language.

Download WordPress Manual Plugin

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