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Amateur Portal Nulled

Market your erotic videos and pictures professionally or offer erotic Livecam Chat? To s.With our Php Script Amateurportal intregrietem Professional Coin system can be done in the optimal tool. Equipped with everything you need a Private amateur video portal. The erotic amateur market is booming at the time the World Wide Web and the Gro? En portals? Berflutet. He open? It with our script your own Amatateurportal and benefit from a number of advantages.

Here again some important advantages at a glance.
- The Complete your earnings go rt
- No Monthly rental of Software?
- Be your own boss
- You set prices and conditions
- No competitors (because it is your portal)
- No obligations
- Free choice of payment systems
And these are just some of the advantages intressanter aspect is probably that of the earnings on the Gro? En portals, you usually get only 20 to 25% of sales, and the L? Wenanzteil goes to the operator of the portal. Fair? We did not find. For this reason, we have now developed a software with which you may like Gro? S marketing portals your videos, images, performances and Cam Professionel with a coin system k?.
Let us now turn to the functions / features of our software
In admin area you can k?:
Add video? Gene and editing.
Videos Remove
Videobeschreibugen-Edit and change?.
Add video preview image? Gene change /?
-Easy to upload the videos (upload) upload form by
User – user – Creating
User – user – l between
Users – Users – Lock
Users – manage users
User – user – Unlock
Coins-crediting a user account
Coins-a user account remove
Videos and pictures with Infinitely be priced Coins
-Livevam? Transmissions with continuously variable be priced Coins
Optimal image and Tonqualit-t At cam, because our system works with known messengers
Credentials and passwords? Rter awarded
Notify users
Status of a switch users
Or send e-mail messages
Admin password change?
Email addresses change? / Add? Gene
Login to view statistics
Preview frontend? Public areas
Server / webspace settings view
-Upload via FTP (m videos? Must then be manually assigned)
and much much more … ..
Your customer k? Can in the member area
Download video
Images Dowloads
Gallery view
Chat-WebCam Request
Coins-charge / Book
Payment Systems
 Intregrietes Coin Through our system you can k with any payment system that suits you work requirement is that they have the jeweler provider once a customer here are some examples:
Bank- Wire Transfer
-Money transfer
Net Debit
Multi-rate number
Micro Payment
-Click and Buy

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