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Ravan Mmorpg Mafia Game Script V1.2 Nulled

Mafia Game Script Features
Simple Installation with automatic installer
Our script comes with an automatic installer which will guide you through out installingthe script.Our script is packed with functionality and with a clean, structured code. Even the most novice webmaster will be able to set up and run a website with ourscript. You can have your gaming website set up in about 3-5 minutes with few clicks. We’ll also provide absolutely free installation service.
Customizable Theme
How your site looks and feels is totally your choice. The script is easily customizable with simple html layout structure with css and texting. It can be modified to any desired genres in minutes by doing minor modifications. Morover a language file is also included so you dont have to edit every pages to change the game language but just a single file.

Easy-To-Use admin Area
All aspects of maintaining your site is an absolute breeze with our script. You can read more about administration in detailed feature list below.
Anti Cheat System
The admin and staff pannel can view the attack, cash transfer, item transfer , bank transfer , special item transfer , Mail Logs etc with user ips ,transfer data , amount , multi account /ip notify etc .
Integrated Paypal IPN
Script comes with an integrated paypal ipn feature which means you don’t have to edit files to fill in your PayPal, just change setting from admin panel.
Custom Cron Jobs
Comes with cron job files.You can easily customize the cron-jobs to run in minute, 5 minutes, hourly, daily etc.
Catcha Registration
Captcha registration to prevent spam and bots. It can turned on or off from admin panel.

Game Guides

The Pack contains installation, setup ,cronjob , crime and all sort of guides for a quick start.
Detailed Feature List
In Game Features For Members
Some of the features of Mafia Script is listed below, note , the below features are merely the beginning — you can make use of scripts many many powerful features once you start using it.
Inventory Training Jobs Events
Education School Crimes Shops
Gang Wars NPC Bot Challenges Jail System Paypal Donation
Forums Gangs Referal Gift Travel Agency
Paypal Purchase Item Special Item Market Banking System Area Shift
User Item Market Custom Travelling
Lucky Boxes
Slot Machine
Real Estate Casinos Hospital Stats Bar
Custom User Name Donator Status Name & Sex Change
Announcement Buy Armors & Weapons Gang Cpanel
User Notes
Friends & Enemy List
Assistant Panel
Roulette Battle Arena
On Site Reporting Hall Of Fame Advanced Search Gymnasium
User Mail Assasination Streets Burn House
News Paper Crystal Market Battle Ladder Votes & Polls
Admin Control Panel Features
Our Script comes with a very powerful admin console which gives you total control over every single area of the site. Few features of admin panel are listed below.
Manage Users & Types
Manage News Letter
Manage Mass Mailer Manage Shops
Manage Donator Packs Manage NPC Bots Manage Items Manage Polls
Manage Item Types
Manage Users Manage Site Settings Manage Forums
Manage Mass Credit
Manage User Payment
Manage Special Items Manage Staff
Manage Staff Logs
Manage Cron Jobs Manage Force User Logout
Manage Cities
Manage Item Types
Manage Users Manage Education Manage Jobs
Manage Battle Arena
Manage IP Search
Manage Dupicate Ip Alert Manage Jails
Manage Cash Logs
Manage User Logs Manage User Attack Logs Manage Polls
Manage News Paper
Manage User Report
Manage Announcement Manage Gangs
Manage Spam Alert
Manage Casinos
Manage Roulets Manage Staff
Manage Real Estate
Manage Donator Packs
Manage Payment System
Manage Gym
Manage Training
Manage Captcha Manage Armors & Weapons
Manage Jobs
[ Manage Feature includes and or (Create, Add, Edit ,Give, Delete, Adjust, View ,Ban ,Unban, Jail, Unjail etc ]
[ Game site settings ,Paypal email, Registration Capcha, Validation Captcha and many other basic settings]
Product Contents
By purchasing Mafia Script software you will receive the following:
1. Game Engine Source Code
2. Auto Installer
3. Installation ,Setup ,Cronjob, Game Guides ..
4. Product ID and Unique License Code
5. Free Installation on request
6. Free Lifetime Upgrades
7. Free New Mods on release
8. Free Support
To purchase select the Add to Cart button.
Server Requirements
* Php 4 or above ( tested up to latest version)
* MySQL Database Support
* Cron Job Support
Note: The product requirement features are available in almost all hosts.

Download: Link1 , Link2Link3,  or Link4

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