Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

Soccer betting script – Clone site like Sbobet.com


I want to make a sport betting site (Only focus on Soccer)
Here are the details :
This is the point what i need at my betting site (sure this is not a complete point, if u are familiar with betting site i think u know the other feature)
- Odd type : asian handicap, fixed odds(1?2), first half and second score, correct score and over under betting likehttp://www.titanbet.com/sports.html?param=6
- betslip like www.canbet.com (need to login to the canbet.com to see their betslip)
- affiliate system and feature like www.deepbet.com
- Website stats (Like how many members online, total member joined, total activated account)
- member registration like

- User
Friendly of user transaction history like deposit, withdraw and betting history
- Single handicap and split handicap (the explanation :http://www.canbet.com/whatsnew/Asian_handicap_explained.aspx)
- cron job must update the match score automatically from livescore.com (XML Data Parsing)and can also auto updatethe match score to MySQL database
admin area :
- can setup the max. and min. betting value
- can setup the time offset (GMT+0 or GMT+1 or etc)
- friendly reporting of members betting, deposit, withdrawal.
- can setup time limit for placing the bet ( xx hours/minute before match started)
- can credit and debit user account.
- can enable or disable type of soccer betting : handicap, fixed odds(1?2) or over under
- can add sport sub type (example : football >>> English Premier League)
- can create the odds
- can create Match with match date and time
- can input the final score ( give status of match with check box : HT(Half Time), FT(Full Time), E1(Extra Time 1), E2(Extra Time 2), Pen(Penalti Kick)
- After final score inputed, all the bet must give result automatically.
- profit and loss report
- can see all total bet
- can manage member
-can amend all information, delete or suspend user. Also give him bonus or see all his bets and actions.
-can send message to all users with promotions to email boxes.
-can checks IP’s of users. If user register twice system will show you.

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