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BettyMills Data Feed Script

This PHP script processes the data feed offered by the BettyMills.com affiliate program and displays it on your site.
This script is being offered for FREE to any BettyMills affiliate who signs up as a sub-affiliate of an account. As an affiliate, BettyMills will pay you 5% of all sales generated from your site.
Key Features:
- Allows users to browse through 30,000 products in 1,400 categories offered by BettyMills.
- Users can perform keyword searches for products directly from your site.
- Featured products are randomly selected and shown on each category page. The most popular
- products are shown on the main page.
- The data feed is automatically and quickly imported into a MySQL database.
- The output can be completely customized using templates to seamlessly match the look and feel of your site.
- Produces pages with search engine-friendly URLs using .htaccess/mod_rewrite.
- The script can be easily installed on your site within minutes.

· Support for .htaccess and mod_rewrite
Live Demo

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