Senin, 24 Desember 2012

CPA Reward Like Facebook Script

Product Description

CPA Reward Like Facebook Script is a revolutionary new Script that gives you the power to createKiller Surveys and Add Offers and Rewards all through a simple point and click interface.
You don’t need to be a technical genius to create high-converting surveys with CPA Reward Like Facebook Script. We have literally leveled the playing field when it comes to Survey creation tools, there is nothing on the market which is even half as powerful as this tool and at a fraction of the price. Our built-in Geo-Targeting module alone is worth the price of this amazing and extremely versatile script, and you will be amazed just how cheap we are giving this away for.

  • Now with Geo-Targeting for International Type CPA Offers
  • Facebook Like Integration
  • Add Dating Type CPA Offers and Affiliate Links to Home Page Photos
  • Generate Custom Survey Questions and Answers in Seconds
  • Add Your Own Text to the Headline and Text Fields on the Home Page
  • Manage Your Entire Survey Site via Your Secure Admin Area
  • Plus a Web Host Self Install Script
No CodingProgramming or Design Work Necessary!! We made this very easy for you and created a secure admin area that allows you to manage your entire survey and rewards offer site with simple mouse clicks.
  • Activate and Deactivate Offers and Rewards
  • EXPLODE YOUR SURVEY!! With the Facebook Like Feature
  • Add or Edit Offers and Rewards. NOW includes Geo-Targeting
  • Add CPA and Affiliate Links to Home Page Photo’s
  • Add or Edit Your Survey Questions and Answers
  • Link Different Questions and Answers and more……
Create Interesting Instant Surveys That Help Convert Your Offers Fast
The 3 question and answer survey you create is quick and to the point and you can tailor the survey questions and answers to the CPA offer or rewards that you will be showing them after they complete your 30 second surveyYou have full control!!. The process is simple, you create a piece of “lead magnet” survey content and offer a free gift or reward in exchange for your prospects spending 30 seconds of them time. It’s a WIN WIN!
Target Your Offers by Country
The unique Geo-Targeting capability that is now included with this software allows you to add CPA and affiliate offer types by country and have them only show based on your users location. This is extremely useful for offers that only convert for certain countries allowing you to take your CPA and Internet Marketing Business to a whole new level.
Add Your Facebook Like URL
With our unique Facebook integration system, you simply generate and just copy your Facebook like URL and paste it into the input box inside the CPA Reward Like Facebook Script secure admin section.
Add Your Headline, Offer Text and Photo Links in Seconds
Using your Secure Admin you can simply fill out the boxes for the custom text to display on the 1st page of your survey site. your page – no more fiddling with code or design. Just input your headline,text and link the frontpage photos to any number of offers and click save!
Add CPA Offers, ClickBank Products or Your Own Products Instantly!
If you’ve ever tried to create a good looking sales letter in the past, you’ll know that just trying to format your content to look good can be a nightmare in itself. Our install script helps you get this installed on your web host in minutes.
Server Requirements:
  • MySQL (version 4 or higher)
  • PHP (version 5 or higher)
  • Apache Mod_Rewrite Enabled

Download CPA Reward Like Facebook Script

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