Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

AdF.ly clone script (FREE)

Features :
-Url Shrinking
-Mass URL Shrinker
-Export Links and Statistics
-Professional Theme/Design like ADF.LY

-Tracking system
-SEO Friendly
-Advanced Admin panel
-Advertiser's panel
-Advertisement system
-Referral earning system
-Withdrawal System
-Publisher's panel
-Monthly Click Stats Graph
-TOP 20 Country Stats
-Top 20 Site referrers Stats
-Pay and get paid with Paypal
-AJAX Login & Registration (ADVERTISERS and PUBLISHERS)
-Protection system (100% SECURE)
-Fraudulent clicks Detection and prevention (so you only pay for unique views)
-Members area with graph statistic and balance
-Geo Targeting (Different rate for Countries)
-Geo Targeting (ADVERTISERS)
-Full source code
and many many more....
Script Requirements:
-Linux / Windows
-Apache Web Server
-MySQL (version 4 +)
-PHP 5(version 5 +)
-GD Library 2 or higher
-Apache mod_rewrite Enabled

Demo:  http://adf.ly/ 

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