Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

The email newsletter plugin is an advanced bulk emailer designed especially for Wordpress 3. It is very easy to use and feature rich. Heaps of features which allow you to quickly send professional newsletters to your existing wordpress user database.

Online Demo:

I’ve installed WordPress 3.0 over here (stock standard with the default theme): and enabled the plugin. Please go to that website to view the newsletter plugin demo in action. On the right hand side is a “subscribe” box, simply enter your details in there and you will receive some demo emails shortly after.

Plugin Features:

  • Send emails to your existing wordpress members.
  • Pick which groups of wordpress members to send bulk email to (eg: administrators, subscribers, authors, etc..)
  • Newsletter campaign (ie: schedule a series of newsletters to be sent to your members)
  • Email bounce tracking
  • Place a limit on the number of emails it will send per day, per hour and/or per month (good if your hosting provider has limits)
  • Sidebar widgets so people can subscribe to your newsletters and view previous newsletters.
  • WordPress shortcodes to embed newsletters (see online demo for example)
  • Option to embed images in outbound emails
  • CRON feature to process incomplete or scheduled newsletters
  • Summary of scheduled newsletters on home page
  • UTF -8 support for multi-lingual newsletters.
  • Send mass emails from wordpress
  • Double opt-in confirm link to new members.
  • A link to “view this newsletter online” link at top of outbound emails
  • An overlay on sent newsletters showing which links were clicked.
  • A-Z buttons for quick members searching
  • redirect users to your own custom URL when they subscribe or unsubscribe (eg: a page on your wordpress blog)
  • Embed email newsletters into your wordpress blog
  • optionally notify you via email whenever someone subscribes
  • Create e-newsletters from templates
  • Control the sender email address
  • Add your own templates to re-use over and over again
  • Five demo newsletter templates which you can use or create your own one from
  • Automatic unsubscribe link in every email
  • Preview the newsletter in your browser before sending it
  • WYSIWYG newsletter editor
  • Upload pictures into your e-newsletters
  • Send yourself a preview newsletter email before sending out to everybody
  • Automatically convert links and images into trackable items, so you can see how many people open your newsletters
  • See a live counter as the emails are getting sent out
  • Pause sending out a newsletter, resume at a later time.
  • Initial setup wizard to help you get up and running with required settings
  • Re-send old newsletters to new members who haven’t received them yet
  • Members can manage their subscriptions through wordpress profile.
  • Customise the “subscribe” and “unsubscribe” pages
  • Uses the popular PHPMailer to send out emails via SMTP
  • You can go in and edit the HTML template using Dreamweaver before sending it out (incase you want to do anything tricky that the wysiwyg editor doesn’t allow)


  • Linux hosting account with an existing Wordpress 3 install (haven’t tested Windows yet)
  • PHP Version 5
  • Know how to set folder permissions using FTP software or similar
  • Basic Web development and FTP skills so you can install the plugin and customise or create newsletter templates
  • WordPress Newsletter Plugins

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