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PHP Auction software

Auction Software (with design integration) is full ready system for your online auction website.Our online auction software has unmatchable features and a beautiful design. Just a perfect solution for your auction website. It has features that you cannot get in any other php auction software. Here is a glimpse of some ASTONISHING FEATURES :

Auction software

  • It comes with great design for your auction website.
  • 200+ amazing features, 10 + earning opportunities and 6+ ways to use this software
  • Software has inbuilt AUTOMATIC BIDDING FEATURE.
  • It has Search engine optimization features which give you a lot of free search engine traffic in years to come.
  • It allows you to have keyword rich URLs for each and every listing with relevant meta data.
  • It creates not only just auction site. Auction software supports auctions, dutch auctions, classifieds and fixed price items.
  • Great localization features like zip code distance search and Google maps.
  • You can have different additional fields for specific categories. E.g. for Cars you can have make, model etc. For books ISBN number etc.
  • With youtube video support you can run video auctions. This enhances confidence of bidding members. It incures zero bandwidth costs as videos come from youtube server.
  • Photo gallery with each auction
  • Video gallery with each listing.
  • Our website auction software has many earning opportunities for you. Even if you run free auction site, still you can earn a lot.
  • In built ad management system with support for adsense ads opens another revenue opportunity.
  • You control all website content with automatic filters like "rude word filter" or HTML tag filter.
  • Online auction software gives RSS feed for latest listing and category RSS feeds for feed readers. Its a free promotion for your site.
  • Script has message system with inbox/outbox/contact list/block list. This enhances communication between members and increases success rate.
  • Built in anti-spam captchas to avoid spam postings.
  • Fully secure with MD5 encryption of all user password.
  • One click database backup utility to give you peace of mind.
  • Supports many online payment options like paypal, authorize.net,e-gold,2checkout plus the offline payment option.
  • All front end texts comes from a lang file. This makes it possible to run front end in any language. Data that comes from db comes in language in which it is entered. So, run software in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic etc.
  • 100% FREE Technical Support , available for you all the time.
  • We back our auction software with free installation service and very friendly support free of cost.
It is definitely the top-most auction software for your online auction web site.
Plus it has amazing design built into the auction software. All this for ONLY : $149
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