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Axis-Powerful Open source eCommerce Platform

This is a powerful open source ecommerce platform for running complex online stores.
Created with PHP, MySQL, ExtJS, jQuery and the Zend PHP framework, Axis has quickly established as a top of the line solution, even before reaching 1.x stable status.

Here are some key features of "Axis":
· Admin panel
· AJAX ExtJS-powered interface
· Easy installation script
· Magento-like structure
· Easy product catalog manager
· Organize products in categories
· Manage orders
· Manage customers
· Manage discounts
· Store statistics
· Themeable
· Extend functionality via modules
· Stock management
· Import/Export tools
· Guest checkout
· Shopping cart utility
· Backorders support
· Printable or PDF invoices
· Various email notifications
· Refunds
· 1-step chekouts
· Whislist
· Orders history
· Manage payment methods
· Manage shipping methods
· I18n
· Manage currencies
· Manage tax rates
· Various SEO tools included
· WYSIWYG editing
· Manage static pages
· Template-based layouts
· Multi-store management
· Permissions management
· Polls
· Sitemap generation
· Tag cloud widget
· Breadcrumb navigation
· Frontend language chooser
· Frontend currency chooser
· Search engine powered by Apache Lucene
· Commenting system
· PHP 5.2.4 or higher
Fixed bugs:
· Unable to create and edit products using IE9
· Fedex are now compatible with latest soap API v10
· Encoding of the additional contact fields fixed
· Error when trying to edit boolean config type
· State is not displayed on the order edit window
· Sitemap listing broken if file without extension founded in root directory
· Editing the poll no longer clears the vote results
· Contact departaments are now has localized name
· Crypt options are now using password field instead of text
· Displaying config values in grid fixed
Axis Frontend Demo , Axis Backend Demo

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