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Submitter Script

Start Your Own 3-in-1 Directory Submission Service and Earn with Paypal.

  • Easy to use semi-automatic directory submitter
  • Submit websites, articles and bookmarks
  • Preloaded with hundreds of directory sites
  • Powerful administration control panel
  • Whitehat SEO tool (100% Google friendly)
PHP Dir Submit, formerly Submitter Script, is a powerful and easy to use turnkey PHP script that allows you to start your own semi-automatic directory submission service online and earn with Paypal.
Once installed, you will have a powerful and easy to use web-based SEO tool that anyone with an internet connection can use to submit websites, articles and bookmarks all in one place, quickly and effectively. If you choose to, you can use PHP Dir Submit as a directory submission software for submitting client websites.

We have included 300 website directories, 300 article directories and 300 social bookmarking sites in the script so that you can get started right away. If that's not enough, you can easily add more of your own directories in the admin control panel.
All you need is web host to run this unique powerful SEO script. If you already own a website, chances are you can simply add another website without paying anything extra.

What Can PHP Dir Submit Do For You?

  • Start a profitable directory submission service business without paying thousands of dollars to a programmer.
  • Build a list of potential customers in your target market.
  • Improve your current website's ranking on search engines like Google, naturally.
  • Increase the traffic of your current website without paying for ads or marketing.
  • Make your existing product or service more valuable by adding a free members only directory submission service.
  • Increase the price of your product or service without losing customers - because you have added more value.
  • Make your existing customers or visitors like you more, and tell their friends about you.

What Makes PHP Dir Submit Unique?

Unlike many other automatic directory submitters you see on the Web, which only allows you to submit either websites, articles or bookmarks; PHP Dir Submit allows you to submit to all three and manage them all in one place; and you can use it anywhere that has an internet connection.
PHP Dir Submit is not just another automatic directory submitter; it's a well researched turnkey SEO tool that made for internet marketers, small business owners and entrepreneurs.
You can use PHP Dir Submit to make money, improve the ranking of your (clients) website, attract more visitors, or all three!
We manually check and update all built-in directory sites every 3 months and there's no charge for this service. You'll get lifetime directory site updates.

Features and Requirements

For the users

  • Powerful web-based semi-automatic submission engine
  • Submit websites, articles and bookmarks in one place
  • Get the same quality results as manual submission
  • Add the details once and submit to hundreds of sites quickly without compromising the quality
  • Ability to add different titles, descriptions and keywords to avoid search engine penalties
  • Submit spinned websites and articles automatically
  • Check the status of all submitted websites, articles and bookmarks with one click
  • Export submitted websites, articles and bookmarks to Excel format
  • Create unlimited number of unique articles with the built-in article spinner
  • 100% whitehat SEO tool

For the site owner

  • Easy to use administration control panel
  • Preloaded with hundreds of directory sites
  • Add unlimited number of directories and bookmarking sites
  • Support these platforms: PHP Link Directory (PHPLD), ArticleMS, Wordpress, Pligg, Scuttle, Scuttle Plus, PHPDug
  • Add hundreds of directory sites with a single click
  • Send email newsletter to all users (or individual user)
  • Fully search engine optimized
  • Paypal integration
  • Swith between free and paid mode with a single click
  • Free lifetime directory list updates


  • Linux or Windows server
  • Apache with PHP 5, MySQL and cURL (99% of web hosts have these)
  • Paypal account (required only if the "Paid Mode" is on)

Live Demo    Admin Demo

Download Submitter Script

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