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ThemeForest Era HTML Visual Performance

Era HTML Visual Performance is precisely that. An HTML theme that cares a lot about visual hierarchy, aesthetics and breathing space, yet does not sacrifice functionality, performance and usability. Era combines strong visuals, big images, attracting links and hierarchical elements with speed, user-friendly environments and usability
Please note that this is the HTML version. You can get the PSD here!


  • 14 unique HTML layouts & templates
  • Global Color
  • Professional & Clean code
  • Fully validated & commented code
  • CSS enhanced (no excessive amount of unnecessary elements needed!)
  • jQuery enhanced (clean & powerful code focused on usability and customization, yet still offering beautiful transitions, animations and effects)
  • Extensive Video Guides (that will take you through every step!)</

In short, why do you want Era?

  • The Global Color feature allows you to change the style of your whole theme in 2 seconds. Guaranteed ;)
  • Era offers a visually-appealing & beautiful design, without sacrificing functionality, usability and performance.
  • With this purchase you receive an extensive documentation with video and text guides. These will take you from downloading this product up to customizing every tiny bit!
  • Ongoing support
Live Demo     
Download Era HTML Visual Performance:

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