Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013

MyMatch Dating Software

Start making money with your own dating site NOW!

Build your own social dating website with our easy to use software with lots of powerful features.

What is MyMatch?

MyMatch dating software is a white label social dating platform for you to build your own incredible and profitable dating websites.
MyMatch software comes with the complete and unencrypted source code files, full documentation and layered Photoshop files, and free lifetime access to all version updates and upgrades.
With MyMatch dating software you are ready to build a dating website with incredible ease, with unlimited earning potential.

Once installed you’re ready to start earning BIG!

MyMatch web software comes with the PayPal module already installed, so all you need to do is input your PayPal username and you are ready to start earning income from your own dating website.
Your users will love the unique social features of MyMatch giving your site a great viral following.
Front-end demo (FREE user)
  • Username: TESTUSER2
  • Password: PASSWORD
Front-end demo (PAID user)
  • Username: TESTFEMALE5
  • Password: PASSWORD
Admin Area demo
  • Username: ADMIN
  • Password: PASSWORD

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