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Rank Tracker – Premium WordPress Plugin

Rank Tracker Premium WordPress Plugin

Stop Chasing Keywords That Won’t Earn You A Penny

  • Do you want to build links for words that actually bring you traffic
  • Do you want your pages to rank for words that people are actually searching for
  • Do you want to find new ideas for site content without using any search tools
Of course you do!
What if you could find the keywords that people are actually using to click through not just search?

Searches are great, but I want people to actually visit my site!
Well now you can find out exactly what keywords people are clicking through from Google and the even better news is that the information is right in front of you! It is all in your sites data, hidden away in your cpanel stats. You just probably don’t have the time or energy to go hunting for it.
You don’t have to anymore.
If your site is at number 10 (or 15, or 20) for “your money keyword” and it gets visitors, then how many visitors would it get if you got it to number 1 in the SERPS?
Ok now multiply that by 10/20/30 or however many words you want to and you can see that this is a super stealth method to increase traffic to your website.
Sure it is nice to be able to boast on your favorite forum that you have the number 1 spot for some keyword. I like to stand in a bar (the offline version of a forum) and boast with the guys, but if that number 1 spot isn’t earning it’s keep then whats the use of it?
Keyword Rankings That Earn Me Money Is What I Want
So how exactly does the Rank Tracker Plugin help your WordPress site earn more money?
When someone finds your site on Google and clicks through to your site you can choose to receive an email which will tell you the keyword or phrase they used to find your site, which page they came to and where you are in the Google SERPS for that word. If you don’t want to get emails, that is fine you can just look at the information when you log into your WordPress site.
  • No More Using Multiple Tools To Track Your Keywords
  • No more having to move from your browser to a desktop tool
You can see all the information you need right there in your wordpress site.
Information is essential when you are trying to increase your sites traffic, knowing the keywords that get you traffic and where you rank for those words is like an instant boost to your traffic efforts.
No more wasting time building links or writing articles to promote a keyword that no one actually uses!

Wouldn’t You Like To Be Able To See If Your LinkBuilding Is Working?
At A Glance!

You Can!Simple log into your site and look at the Rank Tracker page in your settings and all the information you need is right there, the keyword that was used to visit your site, where it ranks now and where it ranked previously, the date of the last visit for that keyword and the PR of the page are right there in front of you.
Just Watch The Video To See How Simple It Is
With This WordPress Plugin

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