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Pro Invoice Maker v1.5

CodeCanyon - Pro Invoice Maker 1.5

Pro Invoice Maker

PHP&MySQL script that allows you to easily generate invoices. It is based on FPDF Class with the Invoice plugin. The aim of the script is for the administrator to insert as few information as possible, that’s why it comes with Autocomplete plugin to ease the creation process, and you’ll make an Invoice in no time!. Also after creating an invoice you can edit it to fit the customer’s requirements.
The script also allows you to change the language strings directly from the administration panel and you’ll be able to generate invoices customized to your language. Once bought, the script is very easy to install, just access the install/ folder and enter your DB information.


  • Create PDF or HTML Invoices
  • Autocomplete plugin integrated
  • Sleek Design
  • Extensive documentation
  • Installer Included
- Added Paypal Payment System
- Ability to send invoices via email to clients
- Clients can view the invoice online at a secure url
- Added custom logo feature
- Ability to select Invoice size
- Fixed Minor Bugs

Download CodeCanyon - Pro Invoice Maker v1.5

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