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Extreme Executive Search Engine v7.0

Search Engine Details
The administration is full of features that can only be fully appreciated by going to the demo page and testing it out. The admin allows you to confirm/edit/delete pending free submissions, add free listings to the database, add/delete categories, manage modified links, mass email your advertisers, delete and/or edit keywords in database, view profiles of your advertisers(including listings, account balances, etc), view the recorded search terms, manage your templates, edit your preferences(bid amounts, number of results per page, etc.), manage affiliates including paying them by "PayPal Mass Pay", and managing finances(such as deposits, account balances, etc). Again there are a lot of features in the admin, so please take a look at our demo for more information.

Advanced Search
The engine has an advanced search section where you can search with the adult filter on/off, thumbnails on/off, description on/off, and within the section of summary, categories, web sites, meta search or shopping.
Adult Filter
If you so wish, you can add keywords that you deem to be inappropriate. We have had people ask in the past about adult themed engines. If you are interested in using the engine for that purpose you can deactivate the adult filter by simply not entering any "adult" keywords.
Affiliate Program
You can employ affiliates to put PPC links on their sites in order to get more click throughs for your advertisers. There are search boxes, text links and java script code that works similar to Google Adboxes. Of course, it's not exactly like Google Adboxes because they have a patent -- but it's somewhat similar :).
Amazon Search (NEW)
Make money with the Amazon Affiliate program. Whie your users are searching the engine, they can sort through Amazon's massive inventory of books, movies, and clothing. You can be a one-stop site for anything and everything your users need.
Answers Search
The engine searches through millions of questions and answers.
Blog Search
The engine searches millions of blogs throughout the web to give you the best results.
The engine organizes advertiser listings into campaigns so that one can easily manage many thousands of sponsored keywords.
The free listing form has a captcha input to stop robots from submitting spam into your database.
Catch All Listings
PPC Advertisers can bid on "catch_all" listings to drive as much traffic to their site as possible. When a keyword search is performed and there are no advertiser results found, the engine will call on "catch_all" listings. It's great for you because you will not be missing out on any potential revenue flow. It's also great for your advertisers because they can drive large amounts of traffic to their site.
You can create coupons for new advertisers to use that will give them a special start balance. So it's possible to advertise something like, "Signup with coupon X and get $5 free!"
Create Engine
You can easily create your own tabs using the admin. You can have the feed search specific regions or domain names. It is an excellent way to get your visitors specific results.
Custom Work
We can do small to medium custom jobs. Please send us what you would like done and we can give you a quote.
The Extreme Search Engines are powered by the very fast MySQL Database. MySQL was founded in Sweden in 1995 by the original developers of the MySQL database, Michael "Monty" Widenius and David Axmark. Mеrten Mickos joined in 2001 as CEO. MySQL was developed to give access to high quality software, and has since become one of the most widely used databases in the world. There are over 4 million active MySQL installations worldwide and over 35,000 MySQL downloads per day. Major corporations such as Yahoo!, Google, Cisco, NASA, Dunn & Bradstreet, Lufthansa, Hyperion and Sabre Holdings rely on MySQL. The MySQL database is designed to maximize speed, reliability and ease of use. Achitected for heavy-load business applications in Web-centric and client/server environments, it runs on virtually every operating platform. Therefore, The Extreme Search Engines use the finest database type available today!
Detect Region (NEW)
This great feauture allows you to offer your visitors the choice of searching their own region right on the main page. This feature maximizes user convenience and provides a personalized experience.
Dictionary Search
You can search for definitions of keywords. This is a great feature for your visitors.
EBay Search (NEW)
Simply join the EBay Affiliate program and start earning money today. While your users search, they can browse interesting products that are up for bid. The engine shows the price, the number of bids, and an item description with photo. It's another great way to earn money from the search engine.
Custom Work
We can do small to medium custom jobs. Please send us what you would like done and we can give you a quote.
Did You Mean?
The search engine can optionally give a keyword/spelling suggestion for a given search term.
Expiry Date
Advertisers can set an expiry date for any given campaign. This is perfect for advertisers that are promoting a seasonal or limited product/service.
Finance Search
The engine enables your visitors to get information of a company associated with a given ticker symbol.
Framed Links
Some people want the option of having a frame inserted into the links. That way people will more likely come back to your engine when they have finished looking through the link.
Free Listings
We decided to add free listings because we felt that people who are hesitant about sending you money right away can simply add their listing for free. If they want to be at the top of the results and get more traffic, then they can pay you to get their listing moved up. To add a free listing, you can press "Add free listing" in the admin. Your vistors simply go to the category where they want their listing in and press the add site link.
Google Adsense
We have built in Google Adsense into the search results. All you do is put your affiliate id into the admin and you start making money right away.
Image Search
Image search is included and is capable of getting millions of results from all over the web.
With your purchase you get a free installation. We do installations the same day as purchase, provided that we have all of your login info.
Job Search (NEW)
The engine allows you to get results from the Indeed.com Affiliate Program. This allows your users to search for employment right on your site! Plus, you make money!
Languages (NEW)
The engine allows you to run multiple template sets so that your users can select between languages or themes. We also include a language file so that you can easily edit words throughout the site. The Admin Language section allows you to easily translate the search engine
Local Search
The engine searches local listings. You can search by keyword and location.
Map Search
We implemented a great map feature. Your users can now enter location information and they will be taken to the relevant map.
Max Cost Per Day
Individual advertisers can set how much they want to spend each day. This is a great tool to control budgets and fully utilize campaign strategies.
Mobile Search (NEW)
Many users are moving from their computers to their handheld devices. The Extreme Enterprise Edition now has the ability for your users to search on their mobile phones. As always, Pay Per Click, Pay Per Month, and Pay Per Impression listings are searched along with external listings. Your advertisers will now have even more exposure.
News Search
The engine currently gets the latest news from Yahoo. You can also add javascript news feeds to show in this section. Simply add the code to the news template.
Pay-Per-Click Listings
Yes, the engine comes with the ability to show pay-per-click(PPC) listings. You can set minimum bid amounts and the listings are ranked from highest to lowest bids. The easy to use form allows for image upload and multi-keyword submission.
Pay-Per-Impression Listings
Your advertisers can submit listings that only cost them money when they are shown in your results. So whenever one of your visitors sees the ad, the advertiser gets billed.
Pay-Per-Month Listings
These listings can be purchased per month. You set the rate and the features for the listing. There is a seperate template for each level of ppm listing. So you can show a title and description for $30/month, plus an address and email $50/mo, plus a thumbshot and highlighted $90/mo etc....
Payment Gateways
The engine comes pre-installed with Pay Pal, 2Checkout and Clickbank payment gateways. Your advertisers create an account with you. They then login and use the payment form to add money to their account. They then can submit listings for your approval(You can set in the admin whether you want to approve the listings or let the engine automatically approve). Yes, you can add additional gateways if you desire.
Price Comparison
Yes we have included a Price Comparison program that works with Datafeedfile.com. You signup as an affiliate with them, and then enter your affiliate number in the admin. The engine is then ready to go! Here are just some of businesses that will have products shown for comparison:
Amazon.com associate program Overstock.com affiliate program Buy.com affiliate program Target affiliate program SmartBargains.com affiliate program BestBuy affiliate programTigerDirect affiliate program4Inkjets affiliate program CloseOut.com affiliate program clickXchange affiliate network LinkShare affiliate networkLinkShare affiliate networkCommission Junction affiliate network Share-a-Sale affiliate network LinkConnector affiliate network LinkConnector affiliate network
Quick View
We have setup a url that shows with the free listings, when pressed, a real-time preview of the web page is shown.
Search Box HTML (NEW)
Let your visitors add your search box on their site. It's a great way to promote your own web site for free. Plus, your users will get to add a powerful search engine feature to their site. Your advertisers will benefit from greater exposure.
Search Engine Friendly URLs
You have the option of using search engine friendly urls in the engine. This makes your site more likely to get listed in the major engines.
The engine comes with built-in security features. Nothing can replace periodic human monitoring, however, we have made the engine as secure as it can be. You can block/restrict people based on their ip address, hostname and/or country. The engine also monitors click throughs in a way that is better left unsaid for security purposes. All advertiser info is encrypted as it passes from links, etc. Advertisers have a secure management login where they can organize their campaigns and view their stats.
Set Homepage (NEW)
The engine gives your visitors the option of setting their homepage to your site. That way as soon as your visitors start up their browser they will see your search box. They will more likely use your engine if they see it everytime they start up their browser.
The engine comes with a manual spider. It's very easy to use, in fact, all you have to do is enter the url you want to spider and then press submit. It will do the rest.
Stats Pages
The engine comes with stats pages for your visitors to view. They include: Popular Sites, Top Keywords, Top Rated, and What's New. With the exception of Top Keywords, these pages are generated by you in the admin. We decided that having you generate them, at your convenience, will discourage others from spamming the system to try and get their listing at the top.
We are available via email to help you with anything that has to do with the search engine. Please press our contact button at the top of the page.
Rating System
The engine is able to accept ratings by your visitors of free listings.
Reference Search
For people looking for reference articles, journal articles and other academic publishings the engine can search for these. Simply go to the "Reference" or "Encyclopedia" section
Refine Your Search
The engine, based on searches, gathers relevant keywords that your visitors might be interested in.
The templates are all named specifically for their function. They are very easy to use/edit .txt files. These files can be edited in any word processor or text editor system available. You can also edit the templates via the online administration we have created for you. The design you see in our demo comes with the engine. Some customers decide to change only the logo and then launch right away. Others decide to change the entire design and start from scratch. You DO NOT have to show our copyright info in the templates. We simply put it in there as a placeholder for your info.
The engine can use multiple sets of templates. One might use this feature if they want to have different languages, differentiate between genders, sites, etc.
Total Cost
Advertisers are now able to see the full cost of their campaign and individual listings. If a certain listing is not costing them anything(nobody is viewing/clicking their url) they know that their listing strategy needs adjustment.
All of the listings can have thumbnails from Thumbnails.org. You don't have to show them if you don't want them.
Video Search
The engine searches for the latest video on the web.
Wikipedia Search
The engine searches throughout Wikipedia for a specified keyword.
XML Feed Integrator (NEW)
We have now made the engine easier for you to customize. You can integrate xml feeds as new tabs. In only minutes you will have your favorite feeds available for your visitors to search.
Demo Here    Download From Here Full Free

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