Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Stormpaypro Randomizer v2.03

This script was the first and is still the one that powers the majority of all internet randomizers. anyone can Start your their own randomizer system just like those seen at StormPayPro.com or webstars, A member joins by paying a randomly selected member a fixed price, the new member is then redirected to Admin to pay for the amount of rotation (how often their user ID is selected by the randomizer script) This is a really good money maker for the admin and uses StormPay IPN to ensure that no one can cheat (Auto Join, Members pay and are added to the Database automatically). Features Amin area, Add members in admin. Payment log, see who has paid and how much. Automatic add to database making the system hands free. Template driven Mysql Database and is easy to install. Stormpay Randomizer script is available now.

It is easy and fast to setup Stormpay randomizer script. Ver 2.03 The most recent version by the original development team.
YOUR StormPay account balance could swell in just a few short days from now!!
If you already own a database of Dedicated members What are you waiting for...
Because you get paid by every member who joins your randomizer. You could be making from $2.50 to $500 sales while you sleep, or you could be flying to a weeks break in Bora Bora for example..
This Script is is a cash machine for anyone who knows a little about network marketing and advertising.
Your Time to Own a Randomizer is NOW!!
Get the official licensed ORIGINAL SPP-Randomizer From this website. We will deliver the randomizer script archive and an official license, You will receive all files needed in a .zip file
Also the IPN makes the script totally Hands FREE!!
Instant Payment notification means the stormpay website communicates directly with your scripts database meaning new people are only added if they have paid you to join.
Requires Linux Server with PHP4 and MySQL For installation, MyPHPAdmin or other database control panel is needed
Known issue:
The admin.php script uses HTTP Authentication from within PHP, a method that only works on PHP installations where PHP is installed as an Apache Module, however in other configurations, where every PHP process is run separately as the specific user account, and not as part of Apache directly, this http authentication from within PHP will fail.
we do not guarantee the script will work on your server due to copyright we will not provide any refund if the script will not run on your machine.
*NOTE - There is a No Refund Policy for this Product. Due to the Nature of the Downloadable Link we could not retrieve the software back, even if you bought this thru an affiliate's site and they offer a money back guarantee!

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