Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

PHP Melody – Video Script CMS

Video Script CMS-PHP Melody is a premium video sharing software which help you to create your own youtube video site in minutes. Normally you would have to configure a complex script, upload videos, pay ridiculously expensive hosting costs, prevent people from uploading copyrighted videos, and so on. By the time you have a working site you would already lost two of the most important things: time and money.

PHP Melody works on any hosting account, it can import/stream videos from other sites automatically, comes with a FireFox Addon, it is SEO friendly, open source code, custom players and a lot more than we could fit in a paragraph. PHP Melody will make your life easier and have your video site up and running faster than any other video script; unless you enjoy wasting your time and money by doing things the hard way.
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