Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

iScripts Visualcaster - Video sharing script

iScripts VisualCaster is a video hosting script that could be used to provide video hosting service to your customers. It is a turnkey solution to provide services like youTube.
The success of YouTube has led large companies like Google to launch own video hosting websites. With millions of member videos there is a huge growing demand that leads to more and more people viewing online videos. This demand could be used bring in more and more traffic as well as more and more revenue using your website.
Video sharing sites are also used as marketing tool for many media companies there by increasing their popularity further.

User Section
The user section demonstrates what a user visiting the site sees either before or after logging in to iScripts VisualCaster. You can view the site as a unregistered user, register yourself or login using following username and password. Click on the URL to start the demo.
User Name: user
Password : pass

Administrator control panel demo
The admin section demonstrates how the administrator of the site can manage the operations of iScripts VisualCaster from the admin control panel. Click on the URL to start the demo.
User Name: admin
Password : admin

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