Rabu, 23 Januari 2013

SharePro ClickJack Script v6

What is ClickJacking
Click jacking is essentially hijacking a website visitors click - only doing it in a way that is NON INTRUSIVE and doesn't bother the website visitor. This is the easiest method to converting your website traffic to cash literally within minutes.

Basically, the clickjacking script has the power to turn the entire screen (in the backround - so the visitor doesn't see it) into one big Adbrite Ad, Google Ad, Facebook Like, etc., so that no matter where the visitor clicks on the site (in the foreground), you will still get paid cause the click passed through in the backround. The visitor never knows that they clicked on anything in the backround.
As an example - when your website visitors arrive at your traffic url site, they will often be greeted by a doorway page CLICK HERE of some type asking them to confirm they are over the age of 18. As they click - what they don't know is that they just clicked on a text or banner ad. The options are endless on what you do with the secretly forced clicks. Remember, the user of the website has no idea what is happening in the backround of the site.
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