Selasa, 15 Januari 2013

Free link exchange script version 1.5

Need free powerful links exchange software, combining all up-to-date features along with flexibility, stability, possibility to make custom changes, therefore well professionally organized entire script configuration and lot more?
Want to have it seamlessly integrated with your fine-designed site or set it up as a standalone niche sites directory? Tried a lot different scripts but always found “this and that” didn’t quite fit your needs?

Free Links Exchange software – combines all the mentioned above features, and even more – performs free Consultancy Support services and paid Modifications and Customization services for our valued Clients.
See the full list of features available with this software:
  • Easy installation and configuration – no programmers skills required
  • Static folders for best links directory structure
  • Unobtrusive automatic folders build system
  • Sophisticated links status checker
  • Advanced on-page advertisement management subsystem
  • Permalink control system
  • Database restore/backup
  • Open Editors system
  • A set of professional design implementations (skins) to choose from to make your directory unique
  • Fully customizable/modifiable front- and back-end cores
Software features:
  • script installer;
  • links exchange;
  • Advanced backlink verification;
  • Open editors system;
  • Multiple editors managing their own categories and links – build an open DMOZ-like directory;
  • Permalink control;
  • New, friendly and sleek pages design;
  • New color themes;
  • Multiple categories creation – work faster with big amounts of data;
  • Database backup/restore;
  • Sites Google PageRank display;
  • categories hierarchy support;
  • virtual categories support;
  • related categories support;
  • admin panel;
  • multi-criterion search;
  • customizable settings;
  • statistics display;
  • broken links verification support;
  • fast-to-customize layout interface;
  • advertisement system;
  • directory editors system.

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