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ActiveDen - Magnetic Image Gallery - Rip

The Magnetic Image Gallery is an XML -based Flash image gallery with flexible structure and extensive set of parameters. Actually, it’s a construction kit that enables you to build almost any configuration of a gallery.
The gallery consists of 5 independent areas, and each of them can be adjusted separately:
  • Image Area
  • Category Area
  • Thumbnail Bar
  • Controls Area
  • Description Area
Main features:
  • supports JPG , PNG, GIF image formats
  • also supports transparent images (PNG, GIF ) by using specific mechanism for the transitions
  • images of any size can be used – several options for fitting are available
  • 2 images transition effects and 3 text transition effects
  • “frosted glass” effect for backgrounds (separately for Category, Controls and Description areas, and Thumbnail Bar)
  • 2 different types of thumbnails scrolling – “dynamic” and “static”
  • the fonts can be embedded or not
  • supports HTML /CSS formatted descriptions
  • FlashVars support for loading different XML files
  • over 160 parameters that can be set through the XML file
You can work with the Magnetic Image Gallery in one of the following ways:
  1. Using one of the 6 templates included in the download – just modify some of parameters leaving the others as is.
  2. Creating your own configuration based on one of the templates which fits with your needs best of all.
Download includes:
  • Source files (FLA, AS)
  • Flash movie (SWF)
  • Configuration file (XML)
  • Sample HTML page with embedded gallery SWF file
  • The complete User guide (PDF)
Demo - Here

Download ActiveDen - Magnetic Image Gallery From:

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