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PTCEvolution is the most powerful PTC software that you have never seen, giving more confidence to members and making the administration more easy and faster thant other applications.
Smart software for your business
All you need to start your own ptc business, with a friendly interface and especially let you feel safe due to our software protection.


  • We develop comprehensive GPT software and PTC solutions. We can help you to consolidate your business and offer your users a better service.
  • Our new GPT System was designed for an easy management with the most secure tools for your business with the confidence that you need and that your members want to.
  • PTCEvolution has a robust and flexible platform, topped with an intuitive interface that makes our software stable and popular.
  • Our services begin from our software installation until the most complicated application that you need, custom mods or different applications.

• Power template engine for advanced customization
• Mass Mailer
• Database Backup
• Full Ajax Integration
• Easy FAQ and News management
• Easy Terms management
• Easy Banners management
• General Statistics
• Member's Country Statistics
• Turn off site for maintenance
• Buy Referral System
• Renting Referral System
• Customizable Rent Pack
• Autopay
Our software is the most secure than others scripts giving to your members and you a confidence to work on it.
• Captcha & reCaptcha Integration
• Block Countries
• Block IP’s
• Block Emails
• Full ban or registration only
• Anti OCR bot system
• SSL compatible
• Email verification
• Admin Control Panel News Manager
Payment Gateways
Our system support the most popular payment processors of the market giving you the opportinity to get more income from people of all over the world.
• AlertPay Support
• PayPal Support
• Liberty Reserve Support
• Routepay Support
• Perfect Money Support
• Instant/Manual Withdrawals
• Details Orders on Admin Panel
• May accept/cancel/delete orders
• PTC ads
• PTSU ads
• Featured Links
• Featured Text ads
• Banner ads
• Image of a product for PTC ads
• Geographic filtering
• Auto / Manual approve ads
Need to test the system before you install? Then try our demo version of the latest release of PTCEvolution.
The demo version contain the most up to date changes, as the demo is intergrated into the release application.
Modifications are not permitted through the Demo account.
This username and password will allow you to log into the administrator control panel. If you wish to login as an end-user, register yourself as one in the end-user gpt system.
Admin Panel Demo
Username: admin
Password: admin
User Panel Demo
Feel free to open a new account

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