Senin, 07 Januari 2013

IPB Chat Module 6.8.0

IPB Chat Module 6.8.0 is created to support users with an interesting and enjoyable tool which can add a live chat room to Invision Power Board, feature-rich, multiple skins and user integrated.
A chat room makes Invision Power Board more interactive, it will boost traffic as well as revenue to your Invision Power Board, and will increase user loyalty.Once the module is installed, a free hosted chat will automatically be generated for your Invision Power Board, with the basic chat functions. You can also upgrade to get full control over it.
Major Features:
  1. Powerful Java Chat Server:High load support of 5000 connections per server.
  2. General Features:Text/video/audio chat, handwriting messages, image transfer, whiteboard, 123 Flash Chat has tons of popular chat features your users may embrace.
  3. Video/Audio Chat Features:123 Flash Chat's high-quality video/audio chat will give your user a more enjoyable and impressive chat experience.
  4. Integration Features: users of the leading CMS or forums can be fully integrated to the chat room, such as Joomla!, phpBB, vBulletin, etc.
  5. Admin Features:The admin can control basically everything in the admin panel. The room moderators can manage rooms efficiently too.
  6. 123 Live Help Integration:123LiveHelp can be integrated to the chat room, which provides your customers a shortcut to find live sales and support.
  7. Forum and CMS Post Notifier: It integrates forum or CMS with the chat room, so that when news posted or replied, chat users may get notification with post details.
  8. YouTube/Media Player: A media player is inserted to support various music and video, like YouTube video, MP3 music, etc., which will make your chat more entertaining.
  9. IM Friends Invitation: Chat users may introduce the chat room to their friends on Windows Live Messenger, gtalk, Yahoo Messenger or Twitter, so your chat may be spread mouth by mouth in social networking sites.
  10. Various Chat Clients: Flash client, HTML/Ajax client, avatar chat, pocket PC cilent, lite chat, iPhone client, iPad client, etc. are available to suit the needs of various chat users.
  11. Miscellaneous: 123 Flash Chat's other useful tools, such as desktop client, Facebook application, Firefox add-on. etc, will create binding to chat room and users.

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